So this past week or so, our angelic (but mischievous) little man has turned into the devil. When people say ‘terrible twos’ I think – is it really that terrible?! …

 Do not underestimate your small human!! 

Harry turns two in July and his tantrums are in full swing! And when I say full swing I mean ‘pushing every one of mummy and daddy’s buttons‘ full swing. I can honestly say this weekend was the hardest I have had as a parent since the day Harry was born, and I think I can say Kyle feels the same! We have been at the end of our tether. 

The kicking, screaming, hitting, throwing and just monsterous behaviour has been out of control and we quite honestly haven’t handled it well – unfortunately parenting doesn’t come with a handbook and we have learnt a massive lesson about the way we parent Harry. The biggest lesson being – it’s not easy. 

I really do feel for my own parents bringing up four of us! (Sorry Mum, sorry Dad!

As well as being ‘at that age‘ little man has his back teeth coming through, he’s extremely independent and wants everything on his terms and he is most definitely frustrated. 

Harry has been trying so hard to communicate with us but with still no speech it’s hard work for him – and for us, trying to pick up on his queues and what he wants. We are getting some support from Speech and Language therapy and the health visiting team – some of Harry’s development and behaviours need some looking into and this could possibly help! Fingers crossed! It may be that he is just a little behind or he may have some additional needs.

 All of this in the mix with my raging pregnancy hormones, major lack of sleep and low moods – it’s safe to say I have been a bit of a mess. There have probably been more tears from me than Harry, and possibly even more tantrums (gimme a break I’m a fat emotional mother, ha!) And this has made Harry’s ‘terrible two’ stage extremely hard to manage. I have been like a bull in a China shop and probably have not helped the situation at all.

Today, me and Kyle have finally united as one and we have a game plan to tackle our little monster (let’s see how that goes

Also – any tips would be great! 

I never knew a tiny little person could bring me to the edge with tears and tantrums… another step on my motherhood journey. And I’m sure it can only get worse – but I am preparing myself for what’s to come….

Sadly, I can’t even prepare myself with vodka because I’m a mad woman and have another on the way – Wish me luck!!
Jenn xxx


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