One of the most difficult parts of having a baby… not the morning sickness, weight gain or mood swings – but choosing a name! 

It’s a risky business discussing names because everyone’s opinions are so different (and everyone has one

When we fell pregnant with Harry, choosing a name was a real struggle. We had a few options for a girl but NONE for a boy! I spent hours trawling websites and reading books to find the perfect name… and nothing. 

We really liked Lewis at first, but with the surname of Welsh, all we could think of was Louis Walsh!! Nearly every name relates to something – someone you went to school with, an ex, someone you really just don’t like….. and of course nothing rhyming that they can be bullied for at school (gurty berty etc

We didn’t have any family names we wanted to use either, sorry Dad but Trevor just was a no go area! (Apologies to my brother after my parents decided to then inflict that same name on him too…) My Grandads names are Kenneth and Fred  – and we quite liked Kenny and Freddie (Freddie was our choice for if baby number 2 was another boy) but we still weren’t overly keen at the time.

Also just to add some more difficulty to the decision making process, I don’t really like names that can be shortened – I really liked Thomas, Oliver, Edward and a few others, but Tom, Ollie and Ed / Eddie – not so much! 

One day, Harry came to us and it’s as if we just knew, we both liked it and it just stuck. With Thomas being the next favourite, that became his middle name –

Harry Thomas Welsh.

So we don’t have any great story behind his name, no family background or meaning but we love it, and now couldn’t imagine him being called anything else!

(Except H, Hazbo, Haribo, Haz, Boy, Chunk, Chunkzilla, Monster and the many other things he gets called daily!) 

I, personally, like traditional type names – names like Arrow and Pepsi are just not for me! Although more unusual names are becoming popular so quickly – and some of them I really like but aren’t something I would pick. Here are some of my favourite names – 

Girls : Darcey, Dotty, Betsy.

Boys : Freddie, Thomas, Edward. 

Unisex : Frankie, Bobbie, Bailey. 

I would love to hear your stories on how you chose a name for your babies or if there is a story behind yours! It really is a difficult choice especially as they will always be stuck with that name! (Unless it’s really awful and they change it of course) which of course always makes me think of ‘Princess Consuela Banana-hammock‘ 

If your a f.r.i.e.n.d.s fan you’ll understand! 

As for baby girl…. We have our name and a lot of people know what it is. It’s a name I have always said I would use if I ever had children and had a girl and it’s stuck, after going through thousands of names it came back to this one. It’s not a secret but I better not share without Kyle knowing I’m writing this!

Here are some of the most popular names for this year if anyone needs a bit of inspo!

And just to add one piece of advice – go with what you want! If a family member / friend / anyone tells you they don’t like a name that you love or have a massive opinion on it – do NOT let it put you off, it’s your baby and your choice… not theirs! Although if your anything like me, someone’s dislike for a name might just help you decide that it’s most definitely the one!! (I like to please – ha!)

Happy naming!

Jenn xxx


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