If your anything like me, you will have to stop yourself splurging the cash that you really don’t have on super cute clothes for your little ones! Even though I’m desperate to re-vamp my own wardrobe, I can never justify spending the money on myself … but will quite happily spend it on Harry! 

Unfortunately I don’t have the pennies to fund all the lovely clothes I would like for him … but I’ve found that I can still make him look stylish and cute on a budget! … plus really, he outgrows everything so fast and is a messy little bugger so do I really want to spend a fortune anyway?!

I’ve found over the last year or so (after spending silly amounts on clothes that he only wore once) that you can pick up some lovely bits for a small price… here are some that were delivered today – 

These bits were all from H&M – who do super cute kiddies clothes! The only thing I find is that their sizes come up big and for Harry, I had to buy 2-4 years which seems a bit of an excessive size difference for one piece of clothing – not many 2 and 4 year olds are the same size, but I still love their stuff and it lasts longer while he grows! The tees came in packs of 2 , each only £6.99 per pack. The material is lovely and thick and the printed ones really stand out. The cap was £5.99 and I couldn’t resist the cute pink (Harry may not be so impressed

Aside from H&M my fave places to shop on a budget are Matalan, River Island (for the odd bit they are very reasonable) GAP and George at Asda… and not forgetting good old primark. 

These above are Primark and they are about £1 / £1.50 each – bargain! Yes, they can come up a bit small and not last so long but for that price who cares?! They are perfect for nursery as if they get ruined or messy, it doesn’t really matter for the price tag. And their slogan tees are really cute and vibrant.
H&M – these were both around the £3 mark each and are really lovely with a pair of jeans and pumps! 

River Island mini boys range is my guilty pleasure, I always have things saved in the basket but at a slightly higher price tag I try to control myself… but they do mix and match offers on these tees and Harry has a big collection of them in all styles and colours!

These cute Aztec print tees are from matalan and priced about £2 each. Matalan have a good range at a really good price and I’ve already bought lots for the new baby from there too! 

As you can see I have a slight t shirt obsession but a stylish tee thrown on with joggers, jeans, chinos or any bottoms is always a winner for me. Harry is very much a t shirt kinda boy – although he looks dapper in a shirt! 

Almost all of his jeans / trousers are H&M as I find they have the best fit, although finding trousers for his stumpy little legs can be hard (grow legs grow!) 

At the moment I’m in the process of building up his wardrobe for summer and am always looking for the best deals – so any tips / good websites etc … let me know! I’m a sucker for a pair of chino shorts and lightweight shirts! 

So here are a few pictures of my boy looking handsome in some of our budget buys….

P.S the cute chequered burgundy shirt – 50p brand new from a charity shop! His grandma picked it up and I was surprised how much I love it! I’m personally not a charity shop shopper myself, but for those of you that are, she had always picked out some lovely bits from them!

With another baby on the way I’ve been looking at lots of independent shops mainly on Instagram to support small businesses – and because their pieces are much more unique – please share any good ones that you know of or come across! 

Jenn xxx


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