A – Alcohol … or lack of it. I can give or take alcohol but I get envious whenever my friends go for a drink and crave a vodka lemonade. Or a beer. (I don’t even like beer)

B – Boobs. Pregnancy is like an instant push up bra. This isn’t always a good thing though because they ache like mad! 

C – Cravings! Or in my case… an excuse to eat enough to feed a small country. I cannot stop eating. 

D – Dehydration. Since being pregnant my fluid intake has probably quadrupled. I’m constantly thirsty and even drink a bottle of water through the night…. the endless toilet trips are great fun. 

E – Emotions. Well what more is there to say. Hormones have a lot to answer for. 

F – Fat. Your going to get fat, well, fuller at least. But enjoy it and embrace it. You’ll miss the bump when it’s gone. 

G – Grooming… always an effort but even more so when you get too large to reach anything from the waist down. Shaving my legs has become a massive workout. 

H – Heightened sense of smell… has someone just come in from having a cigarette or have they blown every breathe of it in my face? And working in a care home… well, I’m sure you can imagine the treats my nose gets. * Vom *

I – Isolated. A feeling I get quite often. My friends and family are great but sometimes being pregnant can feel really lonely. 

J – Jabs etc… you will feel like you have endless doctor or midwife appointments but it’s all part of the fun. 

K – Know-it-alls … you will get plenty of unwanted ‘advice’ from people that think they wrote the handbook to being a parent. Advice is always welcome but there will be lots of unwelcome comments too. Honestly, I think all mum to be’s will have been there. 

L – Leakage. C’mon, we all know pregnancy isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Leaking boobs amongst other weird bodily functions are something for you to look forward to! 

M – Maternity leave… as you get to the end of pregnancy, it’s good to know your going to get some time off to rest before the baby arrives (rest…. who am I kidding?!) but it is something to look forward to. 

N – Nails. One good thing is how fast and strong your nails grow. Although I get annoyed with mine and end up cutting them off. I love that they grow to a good length in a short time. 

O – Overdue… you get your due date and you expect your baby to be here. Just remember… it doesn’t always work like that. But you know it won’t be much longer… don’t wish the days away. 

P – Pelvic pain… you might be lucky enough to avoid this, I was the first time. But your growing a baby and your joints are moving, expect some pain and discomfort. 

Q – Questions… being pregnant, especially if it’s your first time can be daunting and it’s all new. No question is too stupid to ask your midwife / gp / whoever. Trust your instincts too. 

R – Restless legs. ARGHH it’s the worst. To anyone who falls pregnant, I hope you avoid it. (Drives Kyle mad though which is quite amusing)

S – Sickness. Morning sickness … nothing you can do about it, if your going to get it , your going to get it. I had it BAD with both pregnancies and it’s definitely been the worst part for me. 

T – Toes. What toes?! Haven’t seen those in a while. 

U – Underwear will become less attractive the further along you get… big black pants are my best friend. 

V – Vagina… because it’s the only V word that goes hand in hand with pregnancy… I’m sure it crossed every mum to be’s mind at some point… how will I push a human out of there and will it stay intact…. yuck. 

W – Wardrobe… as you grow, you will grow it if your normal clothes. You can get some gorgeous maternity clothes now and most places do them (asos, boohoo, new look) unless your like me and just live in stretchy midi dresses. 

X – eXtra stuff. You will accumulate so much stuff. People will want to buy you presents (which is always welcome) and before you know it you’ll have half or morhercare in the back room. 

Y – Years…. is how long you might feel pregnant for by the third trimester. I’m sure I found out I was pregnant 7 years ago?! Nope apparently it’s only been 8 months. 

Z – Zzzzzz….. zzzzz…. zzzz…. zzz  – Sleepy. All the time. Tired. Worn out. Asleep. Napping. Insomnia. More sleep. If you have chance to nap….. take it!! 
Jenn xxx


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