Stay at home parents, working parents, I salute you all. 

Staying at home and putting all of your time and efforts into caring for your little one is just as hard (in my opinion, even harder) as going off to work. 

Personally, I enjoy working… after having Harry I couldn’t wait to get back, yes, I was suffering with pnd and needed that time away from him but also, I’m just that way inclined. I need to work, earn my own money and have that bit of time being me, not just mum. 

But on the other hand, especially now Harry is at the age we can do lots of fun things together, I found myself wanting to be at home just a little bit more. 

With baby #2 on the way, and just going off on maternity leave, I feel really lost. This is going to be our last baby and I want to make the most of it because it really is true that it goes so fast, I’ve blinked and I have a 2 year old and another on the way and I feel like I have missed a fair bit with Harry, maybe that’s just guilt talking for bringing another baby along so soon. 

Harry goes to nursery for just 6 hours a week and that costs us a bomb… we have a pretty low income yet of course we earn too much to be entitled to any free childcare, which makes things difficult. Our health visitor advised us yesterday to put Harry in nursery a little more to help with his development and for a few other reasons which are irrelevant to this post – but we simply cannot afford it. How are working parents expected to return to work with little or no help, it just seems so backwards sometimes and I find it so frustrating. 

I would love to be able to take a decent amount of time off to spend with both my babies, but the maternity pay just isn’t enough for us to be able to afford that, I returned to work last time when Harry was 7 months old and will probably have to do the same this time, purely for financial reasons. It seems so unfair that money / finances control family life so much. It really isn’t easy. 

And when I do return to work, we will be paying out for not just one, but two lots of childcare. 

I have been off work a week, baby isn’t even here yet, and I’m trying to plan how to manage our finances already, it’s so wrong. 

(  Harry’s throwing an almighty tantrum while I’m writing this and I’m considering returning to work next week if he carries on……….. not.even.joking. ) 

So any tips on how to budget my mat pay or help would be great…

Also any fun ideas on things to do at home with Harry would be appreciated… I’ve been trying to motivate myself to do loads of really cool things and blog about them but being heavily pregnant and stupidly tired, it’s just not happening. We have spent the morning building blocks and that’s about as creative as my mind will go right now! 

Hope all of you other parents have a fun filled weekend and I’ll be sure to look out for some ideas! 
Jenn xxx 


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