The changes that happen to your body

I saw a post on Instagram today from a woman who loves her pregnancy body and has never felt so comfortable in her own body and beautiful as she does now… I literally feel the complete opposite. I got so upset because I developed my first stretch mark the other day (ridiculous I know) … taking Harry swimming and putting on my swimsuit fills me with dread…in fact leaving the house and wearing anything that my wardrobe currently consists of makes me more self conscious than I’ve ever been, and I’ve never been body confident. I spend probably hours of my day looking at Instagram pages of seriously hot pregnant women, and non pregnant woman and it’s become a real issue for me. I feel really quite sad for myself that I feel this way… us women really do have to go through it. 

As well as the weight gain, my skin has broken out bad! I’ve put on 3 stone this pregnancy and I can really feel it, but the first thing I think about, feel and notice when I wake up (even in the night) and as soon as I look in the mirror, is my skin. I’ve always had adult acne so I should be used to it, but instead of feeling that pregnancy glow I just feel gross. 

But that’s just me, a lot of women LOVE being pregnant and let’s face it, a woman’s body is pretty bloody amazing. 

You worry, a lot :

Even when I’m about to become a second time mum, I worry about everythinghow do I feed her? How much do I feed her? How do I even hold a baby? How many layers do I dress her in? Really silly things, but still a worry. My mind is like spaghetti junction thinking of all the things that could go wrong just if I forget to pack something in the hospital bag… maybe I’ll just check it again for the 15472828th time?
Talking of worry….You will worry about your unborn child being ugly / not cute : 

Mean, but true. They say you would never see your own child as anything but beautiful, and ‘they’ are probably right…. but it doesn’t stop you thinking it. I remember the relief of Harry being a super cutie…. but I’m also worrying baby girl will inherit my big nose. Just being honest – ha! 

You count time in weeks and days : 

Yes, I am 268 days pregnant. 38 + 2 weeks. 1 week 5 days til I’m due… that’s 12 days by the way. 12 DAYS! 

(I remember I never understood the +2 bit … like 28+4 weeks so I had to google it once …. not down with the pregnancy lingo) 

Bed time is not a relaxing time :

You will have crazy ass dreams, you can no longer sleep on your front…. or back…. your restless legs will kick in as soon as your drifting off to sleep then as you do finally nod off, you will be rudely awaken by your pea sized bladder and then take an hour to find a comfortable position again. Who said pregnancy is joyous? 

(They lied by the way)

….. but let’s not forget, whichever way your pregnancy goes… you are creating a life, a part of you. Now surely that’s worth it eh.
Jenn xxx 


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