Think of that Mum… who’s struggling on her own. When you and your partner are finding it hard, be grateful you have each other to lean on.

Think of that Mum… Who can’t afford all the flash new gear – But she does all she can to make sure her little ones have everything they really need. 

Think of that Mum… Who isn’t part of the mummy click – not everyone finds it as easy to make friends, especially other ‘mum friends’ and can find it lonely at times.

Think of that Mum… Who despite struggling every day with getting out of bed and facing the world, does it anyway and makes sure her kids get the best they can. 

Think of that Mum… who goes off to work and doesn’t see much of her kids. It doesn’t make her selfish, she’s doing it for them.

Think of that Mum… who wishes she could be at work, making something for herself, but simply can’t afford the childcare to do it.

Think of that Mum… who is just desperate to be asked ‘How are things?’  She may appear to have her shit together but she probably hasn’t.

Think of that Mum, Dad / Parental guardian. Everyone is struggling in a different way. Some of us breeze through parenthood, some of us don’t. But with social media etc being the focus of everything these days, people have such high expectations of what a parent should be and it puts a lot of pressure on. So next time you judge the Mum sat alone at the baby group looking a bit rough or the one screaming at her kid after them ignoring her for the 153727th time. Stop and think. Not all parents are good ones, but the majority are – and if we were all that little bit kinder and little more understanding… Their day might just be that bit better.


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